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Event Industry makes united Europe

Could sound ambitious but it’s reality. Event industry is pointing towards the higher level: put its stone to unify Europe through the events.

Events players don’t want any more to stay closed within their national frames, they want to cross borders and are building bridges with events’ stakeholders throughout Europe in several different ways. This seems to be the recipe to face the current economical crisis.

“We must play on the European field if we want to grow like we did in the past” says Montse Steward, Co-director at La5excelencia (Spain). Thinking out of the borders it means to be more responsive to the opportunity that, even these days, event’s industry offers. Taking this point of view, Europe offers still a plenty of business opportunity, it takes to do an effort to be where Europe is.

The same  attitude comes from 27Names, the paneuropean association that integrated events agencies from 17 different European countries. The richness of 27Names is to put different cultures at the service of creativity. Imagine what happens when you put together ideas coming from such as different cultures from the Baltic to the Mediterranean. From this point of view, working at the European level it means an exchange that enrich the creativity.

The evidence of the trend toward Europe is given by the growing interest to the EuBEA, the only prize that awards events at European level. Is not by chance that EuBEA is becoming more and more important for the European event’s industry. This is the place where events players want to be in order to be competitive in Europe.

Events’ actors who wants to be protagonist in this new European challenge, they aim to candidate their best events to the EuBEA for three main reasons:

  • The first is to present, or to consolidate their brands at European level
  • The second reason is to measure themselves and get motivation
  • The third is to get from the others new fresh creativity to bring at home

Europe, for events industry, is the opportunity to grow but also the chance to underline the value of the differences, and put, in this way, a stone in the construction of the United Europe.


‘European Events Annual’ is online

A new tool to be protagonist in the European Events Market

ImageA benchmark when it comes to the quality of events, the publication of ADC Group, organizer of the EuBEA – European Best Event Awards, is available online and downloadable. Informations coming soon for those who want to take part in the 2012 edition.

After the distribution of the paper edition at the Awards Ceremony of Best Event Awards, held on November 23/2011, the digital version of European Events Annual 2011 is finally online. The publication of ADC Group is the most important collection of events at European level. A real benchmark for the events industry. As the readers and participants know, the award is given by the most representative professionals from all over Europe.

A browsable and downloadable, digital version of it, is available by clicking here. You can also find it on Slideshare

If you are looking for more details, you can visit EuBEA website, that offers a wide range of information for each Best Event Award edition, just by clicking on the ‘winners’ tag. In this section you can search through the years (since its first edition in 2006), and through every participant, shortlist or winning event. Once you are on the page of the event that you are interested in, you can also enjoy the video of it.

Soon, you will receive detailed information for the 2012 coming edition.

Event Marketing and Online Event Integration


B2B vs B2C Events

Events can be B2C (business to consumer), whose massage is directed to the end costumers, or it can be B2B (business to business) when the audience is a distributor or an intermediate, or any kind of business counterpart. Events in themselves can seem similar, but are different in terms of Marketing.

As a Marketer, one should always dress the part of customers. It is clear that the purchasing experience of a customer who is buying for himself is different from the behavior of a customer who is buying for a company. This difference involve the sphere of emotions.

Marketing plan could seem similar, in fact it starts by identifying the customer, describing his characteristics, and findinding the matching point between customer’s need and what we are offering in term of product or service. The question should be: Why customers need to hear the message which is underlying my Event? This is the only common point between B2C and B2B Events.

The rest take two different paths.

To be straight, the main idea is that: B2C is aimed to sell more product, while B2B comes to life in order to build or reinforce business relationship (different objective). This is because the final customer has the so called single step buying process (he/she buys or not). The effort of the Event Manager in this case is to convert the most part of the target in a “yes” decision. Buying process in B2B is more complex, it needs more steps, a series of “yes” should be given back before close the sale. During the process is important how the relation develops. This is called “longer sales cycle”, that is why the aim of a B2B Event should be oriented toward building the relationship, because this is the driver toward sale.

What is Event Marketing?

There are two ways to see Events Marketing.

In one hand, Event Marketing means the component of the Marketing mix wich is dedicated to plan the events of any organization.
On the other hand, Event Marketing means the marketing activities carried out to meet the Events buyers needs.

This blog intend to approach with both.

For that reason it is adressed to Events People, coming from a Marekting/Event department of a company or organization, and Event People coming from Events Agencies in charge to organize Events for their company buyer.

That means that in this blog you’ll find both topics, Marketing and Events.

Thanks for reading me, writing you.



I open this new brand blog with the aim to keep in touch with Events People, give them some (I hope) usefull information, and receive back their comments, need or experiences.

I hope you enjoy reading me, writing you.